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The Value of Experience Gifts

Is there someone in your life that seems simply impossible to shop for? If so, then perhaps you ought to consider giving him or her an experience in lieu of a traditional gift.

If you are not familiar with the experience gift concept, then it’s time you learned. Just as the name implies, experience gifts are about giving a person a new, unique experience as a gift. For instance, you might give someone a ride in a hot air balloon at sunset, a trip skydiving, or maybe even a sailing adventure. The options are endless. Normal gifts tend to be material things that will eventually break or get discarded. However, when you give an experience gift to someone, they have memories that stay with them a lifetime.

Why give experience gifts?

– Memories last, but things are temporary. Experiential gifts are far more memorable and unique than material things. When someone gets to ride in a NASCAR for the first time, learn how to surf, or even go zip lining across a gorge, he or she will have a unique experience which will never be forgotten. Indeed, these experiences will likely be the topic of conversation for years to come.

– You don’t have to worry about brands, sizes, etc. Have you ever given someone an item of clothing only to notice they never wore it? It is challenging to know what size to get or even what color or style to get. Why give someone something they won’t use? There are companies out there that specialize in gift experiences, and they offer packages that are attractive to all sorts of people. So you can get an extreme rock climbing experience for your outdoorsy friend, or tickets to a wine tasting for your parents.

– Experiences can be enjoyed with others. You could get the happy couple a new toaster oven or a fancy blender like everyone else, and they’ll both be able to use it. But do you think they’ll know who gave it to them a decade down the road? Of course, if you give them an experience that they can both enjoy, like a romantic evening on a hot air balloon, then you’ll be giving them memories together that will last a lifetime.

– Experience gifts get people doing things theyve always wanted to do. Some people have things they want to do or plan to do but never actually do. Experiential gifts are ideal for people like this. For instance, you might have an uncle who always talks about going hang gliding, but still hasn’t done it. Imagine how grateful he would be if you gave him that experience as a gift?

– Experience gifts are a thoughtful way to show you care. The research is clear: more happiness is derived from experiences than from material possessions. Giving an experience to someone has much more potential for bringing joy into their lives than does giving a traditional gift. Besides, if you keep giving your sister a new shirt for her birthday, she might start to wonder why you never think to give her anything else. Try mixing things up a little, and give a gift experience on her next birthday. You’ll likely be surprised by how happy it makes her.

These are only a handful of reasons why experience gifts are so great to give. But hopefully this article has helped you to see the value in this unique type of gift.