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Simply Gorgeous – 5 Beauty Tips to Make You Simply Gorgeous

Being simply gorgeous is almost every woman’s dream but most women are under the misconception that they can only be ‘simply gorgeous’ if they look like a stunning super model.

The truth is when most men refer to a woman as ‘Simply Gorgeous’ they are not talking about their looks alone because men can usually see past all the camouflage and are more interested in the real woman that lies beneath.

Developing your personality is just as important, if not more so.

Creating the image you present to the world is not just about what you look like but also what you do with it and how you behave.

Here are five beauty tips to get you started:

Simply Gorgeous Beauty Tip 1

Have you hair cut in a style that suits your face and your lifestyle. A gorgeous head of hair that bounces and shines will attract attention. Make sure you eat plenty of protein rich foods such as: meat, fish, tofu and dairy products because these foods will help you to grow healthy strong hair, which will look better and be easier to manage. Have it trimmed regularly to get rid of any split ends.

Simply Gorgeous Beauty Tip 2

Lose pounds without trying. Dieting doesn’t work and you are more likely to gain weight than lose it but skipping breakfast won’t help you either. Eating breakfast will kick start your metabolism and you’ll have the whole day to burn off the calories. When you do eat breakfast you are more likely to make better low calorie choices throughout the day because of it. If you do this every day you will lose pounds without even trying.

Simply Gorgeous Beauty Tip 3

Feed your skin. The food choices you make today will directly affect how your skin looks tomorrow so for vibrant healthy skin eat foods that are naturally high in good quality protein, omega 3 oils and vitamins C and E. Your diet also affects wrinkles, skin tone, eye-bags and puffiness. This is one of the reasons your face looks puffy and washed out the morning after the night before if you’ve been out boozing or had a take-away.

Simply Gorgeous Beauty Tip 4

One of the secrets to looking good is having confidence in yourself. Boost your body image by concentrating on your assets and showing them off to their best advantage. If you have been told you have great legs then pamper yourself by indulging in some sensuous oils for them or add leg revealing floaty outfits to your wardrobe. This will do wonders for your self esteem as well as making you look good.

Simply Gorgeous Beauty Tip 5

Learn to look, laugh and listen. Giving eye contact is important and shows you are interested in the conversation. Laughing in all the right places shows you are paying attention and enjoying yourself. Make sure you crinkle the corners of your eyes; it’s more convincing and very attractive. A woman who truly listens to what they have to say is a huge turn for men.

Most times women who are said to be ‘simply gorgeous’ believe in themselves and present a warm and friendly personality making them highly approachable and extremely attractive.

Have confidence in yourself, learn to love your body and show off your best assets and you will be simply gorgeous.