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Shopping in Australia

Shopping: One of the things to do in Australia (or any where else you go on holiday) :-

There is one thing that is common to tourists of all nationalities including pommies is the love for shopping. Whether they go to Egypt or they come to Australia one thing that they have to do is shop.

Australia may not be Singapore or Dubai but it offers you a shopping experience far removed from the stiff upper lip experience of pommy land. Walk into Harrods wearing a pair of tights and a T-shirt and you’re likely to be thrown out. Australia is a lot more relaxed about what you wear, and when you are on that once in a lifetime holiday it’s nice to know that you can relax and enjoy the gorgeous weather.
One of the most popular things to do in Australia is shop.

And the shopping experience offers you a lot more than just the freedom to dress casually. Your shopping experience can be as good or as bad as you want it to be. What you need to decide is what kind of shopping are you interested in. And plan accordingly; with plenty of information online and so many incredible shopping options available to you the sky really is the limit.

If you are the kind of traveller who has come to Australia to keep up with the joneses and all you’re interested in is some keepsakes and souvenirs then obviously shopping is not high on your priority list of things to do in Australia.

However even if all you want to buy is souvenirs then the best place for you would be Gifts from Kuranda located in Condoo street, Queensland. The store or rather I should be saying the souvenir buyer’s paradise is simply packed to the top with funny tees and other touristy gifts that make excellent giveaways.

Even if shopping is not one of the things that you want to do in Australia, you should still visit the store for the sheer variety of comfortable clothing on offer. And take some photos of a truly remarkable shopping experience.

This place also offers you a wide selection of gifts and clothing for children making it easier for you to keep the kids (and relatives) happy.

And for those serious shoppers that truly believe that no trip can be complete without checking out the local markets and shopping is right up there on top of your list of things to do in Australia then you are truly in for a treat.

The first place that you should hit is the Eastern Market located on Grattan St in Victoria. Basically a hundred year old chapel that now houses a host of European and Japanese fashion labels for the savvy dresser. The experience can best be described as surreal. The ambience is a mix of old world piety and charm mixed with the beauty of well crafted clothing.

Eastern Market carries the following: Maurizio Altieri (founder of Carpe Diem), Carol Christian Poell, A.F. Vandevorst, Volga Volga by Micha Panteleev, Sara Lanzi, Label Under Construction by Luca Laurini, Augusta by Simone Cecchetto, Casey-Vidalenc, If Six Was Nine, Le Grand Bleu, Sak, Christian Peau, Julia De Ville, Gustavo Lins, Ess.Laboratory, Werkstatt Muenchen, Maria Rudman Selection, Motoike, Delle Cose, Ugo Cacciatori, Eyewitness, Theo, Chrome Hearts.

It also has a car park and is open the usual hours.

Another place that you should put on your list of things to do in Australia is the Chadstone shopping centre in Victoria. International Brands nestle cheek by Jowl with local fare and with over 400 shops you are bound to find something that you like.

Foodies take heart. One of things that you can do in Australia is visit the Adelaide central market where in addition to vegetables and fruits you will also find the world’s largest selection of gourmet treats and each stall has it’s own story to tell.

Another thing that you can do in Australia is make a trip to the Books for Cooks located in Fitzroy, Victoria. This store has a large selection of books just for people interested in cooking and every aspect of cooking.

Whatever you choose to do in Australia, do go shopping. It’s an easy way to experience the relaxed Australian culture and the perfect way to find your own little nooks and crannies in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Aussiecasino07.