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Do You Know About Scene Hair?

Looks change from decade to decade. Even from year to year sometimes. There have been so many different hairstyles, such as the “crew cut”, the “bob” or even the completely shaved head. Every generation of teenagers has shocked their parents with some type of hairstyle at some point in time. Sometimes that is what the point of a hairstyle is all about. Just to get looks, to draw attention and to get stares. So what is the style now that all of the young kids are adopting? You may have noticed it, different colors, bangs in their eyes. Spiky or choppy layers messily kept in place using gel. This hairstyle is called scene hair. So can you get it for yourself?

Scene hair is achieved by cutting choppy layers on the top of the head. The rest of the hair is generally left alone in the cutting stage. The layers around the face are the most important thing to obtain this look. The majority of connoisseurs prefer the “bangs in their eyes” look. They at least have to cover up most of the forehead. As a final touch, it is absolutely essential to dye your hair to complete this look. If you don’t, you will not have scene hair, you will just have invented a hairstyle all of your own which no one will like. Usually a base color of black or brown is used. Then you will add streaks to your hair, to contrast with the base color.

The most popular colors for streaks seem to be red and blond. You should probably visit a professional hairstylist to get this look because in the wrong hands this look could turn quite disastrous. The final stage for scene hair is to use a straighter. You want the hair all around to be perfectly straight – no curls allowed. Follow it up with good quality putty or good gel and you are done.

If you are wondering what those crazy kids are doing with their hair these days, it is called “emo hair”. This is just another harmless way for them to express themselves. By the way, scene hair is not only worn by girls. The boys are doing it too. Sometimes, boys will complete the look with a baseball hat, or just sunglasses.