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Cheap Designer Clothes

Designer clothes are generally costly and not without reason. People looks for well-known designer apparels for reasons.

As the word itself explains, designer clothes are designed to give what meet the needs of the consumer. It gives the quality that customer requires, comfort, using specific textures for specific needs, following the fashion trends and continuous introducing new creative fashion. Customers likes the elegance. Clothing can represent the identity of the person. Like in old times, in certain parts of the the world, only kings and lords of the region were allowed to wear certain clothes with certain colours. It shows the status of the person. Subconsciously some also feels the self-confidence when they are wearing famous branded clothing. Others may look for such apparels for simple reasons such as quality and comfort. For instance, especially when it come to trouser, I found Armani, or Ermenegildo Zegna very comfortable comparatively.

These are part of the reason why designer apparels are costly. Every piece is carefully designed with much consideration and effort. Also it has to and it better be for the designer because the product also represents the designer him or herself. However, certainly much of high price is because of the brand name that it has established. Demand is what pushes the price up, and also much of the cost goes to advertising in order to achieve just that. After all, that is what the buyers of such clothes are looking for.

Certainly it is costly. But what if you can get the costly designer clothes at a much discounted irresistible cheap price? Is it possible? Yes.

Here is few ways you might be able to get the costly genuine designer clothes at cheap price.
1. eBay, Ebid.net or Auction
2. Garage sales, clearance sales. You may also check classified ads from newspaper or online classified ads
3. Old stock clearance sales, or shop closing sales
4. Whole sale offer or bulk purchase offer if you are getting many
5. Special sales and discounts especially during sales season
6. Factory outlet
7. Special voucher or discount, for example from credit card company, or membership offers
8. Sourcing cheap sales from internet.

However, the buyer has to be aware that certain price will definitely show it is not original. There are too many replicate products these days. Although many designer companies nowadays has production in countries such as China, India, Sri Lanka, Philippine, and many other places, you can certainly find the difference in the product even if they use same or similar texture. There are also certain ways to find the differences between the genuine designer clothes and imitation.

So buyer should also be careful to watch for any defects in the product. The companies scraps the defect products and some takes the factory defects and sells. There may also be places especially clear stock sales that sells to clear old stock aft trend is over, or to clear stocks that they could not sell.
Getting from place where they will guarantee and accept returns is also good way when you want to ensure the product you are getting is genuine clothes. However, there may be places where they are selling the original designer clothes but does not accept return due to cost impact due to the very reason that they are selling at too cheap price.